flexitarianism – a dietary compromise?

I have worked for a supermarket – (cough, namedrop, cough, Waitrose) – for going on 2 years. It may be somewhat of a subjective comment given that I’ve spent almost 100 hours there since returning from university – hopefully an acceptable excuse – but there is a lot of organic and vegan clientele. This is only natural, given that Waitrose has a reputation for catering towards extremely middle class members of the public; but after a prolonged amount of time working there I find myself thinking more and more about my own diet and the products I consume.

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Having moved to Brighton for university, it is pretty much vegan central there. As an omnivore, I have always had a fascination and eagerness towards veganism – even attending a vegan festival in March.

However, the sad truth is that when it comes to eating, I have little to no self control. I love meat and dairy products and for the life of me found it very difficult to gradually wean them out of my diet from cooking at home at university. I managed to finally get to the stage where the only meat I would purchase regularly would be bacon and the only dairy products would be chocolate milk and cream cheese. There was limited choice of substitutions in my local Co-op, but if I was buying plain milk I would always switch to almond, soya or coconut.

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Since returning home and being alcohol free for almost three weeks (hangovers and being drunk are where I consume about 80% of the food that I immediately regret purchasing and ravenously eating), I am on a bit of a health kick. No one really tells you how easy it is to fall into that lapse pattern of disgustingly unhealthy and borderline alcoholism at university – and now I’m home all I want to do is inhale everything green within my vicinity. This has subsequently led to a questioning of my own diet, and a desire to go slightly more veggie.

By no means do I think I’ll ever be able to fully go vegetarian, let alone vegan, but I hope to adopt a diet more focused on fruits, vegetables and carbs. Hence the term “flexitarianism” – I hope by giving myself less pressure to conform to an extremist diet that I’ll actually stick to being somewhat healthier.


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