nonsensical ramblings on finally finishing my first year of university

I am rather fond of posting minute updates about my life – not in the hope that anybody in particular will read the, but mostly because they serve as digital memoirs for myself. At present, life is good – in fact, it might just be the best it’s ever been.

Due to the hectic nature of the four weeks of industrial action, my teaching this term was less than stellar. Irrespective of this, I found that the useful feedback I received last term has very much helped now I amidst the last few weeks of deadlines which I am slowly but surely making my way through – even if I am procrastinating greatly. I recently picked my modules for next year and am so excited to be covering such a vast range of topics – to a writing poetry module to one entitled “The Anthropology of Sexuality”. I am excited to finally specialise in areas of literature that I am really interested in, even if it’s taken me an extra year at university than most to get to this stage.

After some recent panicking about income, having left my rather exhausting 20 hours a week part time job that I had between September and February, I have finally managed to start working again. I recently got a job as a bartender/bar back doing night-shifts, and although slightly draining, I’m thankful I have days off to recover and that I can still have the day time free. I’m due to go on three holidays this summer so I’m rather happy that it will no longer be bankrupting me, alongside having to pay for rent and living expenses whilst I’m in Brighton this summer. I’m also very excited to have my first summer in Brighton, a city which now feels more like home to me than anywhere else. I am in the process of planning lots of nice day trips to various Sussex locations on my days off and cannot wait.

I’ve also recently started a massive effort to be “healthier” – and for the first time since starting a pledge to be somewhat more conscious about what goes into my body, I am definitely seeing results. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week which I’m fairly happy with given I have various jobs and coursework to be getting on with and can definitely see that I’m toning up. My diet now generally consist of porridge, pasta, rice, or stir fries with  a questionable amount of chocolate milk so there is definitely no restricting involved. I have found a renewed sense of revitalisation now that the sun has seemingly come to stay; I think I get quite badly affected by SAD so I’m beyond happy that summer has arrived early this year.

Other than that, life is going very well. I have made various plans over summer with friends and my boyfriend – including trips to Mallorca, Venice, and Portugal. 2018 has been exceptional thus far; and only three minor deadlines stand between me and a wonderful three month summer.


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